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She has been nominated twice for a Golden Globe Award and is BAFTA nominated.Her family moved to Singapore when she was five, before returning to Wiltshire in England when she was eight.Accounting his personal life, he is currently in a relationship with a gorgeous British actress and model. He was married to his ex-wife for nearly 5 years and got divorced.With his ex-wife he has raised two children: a son and a daughter.Diego Luna Alexander is an actor known for his roles in films like Milk, The Terminal, Dirty Dancing, The Terminal and Elysium. Currently he serves as a co-founder of the production company Canana Films, where the company focuses on Mexican and Latin American-themed features that deal with social justice issues..He was born to Alejandro Luna, a Mexican set designer and Fiona Alexander, a British costume designer.As he is so dashing and attractive, he had been through lots of dates and breakups till date.We can follow him on Twitter @diegoluna to know him better.

First introduced in the silent movies of the late 19th century, the archetypal kissing couple continues to provide viewers with vicarious satisfaction and more than a few happy tears.“I’m going to be doing a bit of acting, too, but mostly changing nappies in Brooklyn.We just found an apartment for four months, so we’ll be back in December.” Sam, whose father is the investment banker Tim Hoare, has been courting the actress, who also starred in Atonement, for nearly three years and has a one-year-old daughter by her.I hear that she has discreetly married Sam Hoare, her long-term boyfriend.Hoare, who is best known for the BBC comedy series Blandings, confirms to Mandrake that Romola is now his wife.

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