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In front of the company MT Aerospace in Augsburg, Germany.

You can see that some construction activities are going on.

As of mid-March, it appeared that the key strategic goal of building an Ariane 6 rocket on time and on budget had not yet been affected by the issues of tax liability, industrial influence and national pride that are creating roadblocks to Airbus’ proposed industrial reorganization around Airbus Safran Launchers (ASL), the Ariane 6 prime contractor.

Lahoud spoke just after Airbus Chief Executive Tom Enders publicly expressed frustration at how slow the ASL project was moving, and even left open the possibility that it might not happen.

Despite these remarks, government and industry officials say the Airbus and Safran Ariane 6 project teams have not been distracted by the noise, and that the Ariane 6 schedule is not imperiled — at least not yet.

The inaugural flight of the new launch vehicle is planned for 2020 from the Guiana Space Centre.

Protects the satellite(s) during flight Cryogenic propulsion (30 t of liquid oxygen and hydrogen)New Vinci engine: 180 k N of thrust Cryogenic propulsion (140 t of liquid oxygen and hydrogen)Vulcain 2 engine: 1,350 k N of thrust Solid propulsion (120 t of propellant per booster)A62 configuration: 2 boosters A64 configuration: 4 boosters Up to 3,500 k N of thrust At the same time, an upgrade of the Vega small launcher, known as Vega C, also fitted with a P120 booster, will be available from 2018 to launch small payloads.

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