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Reason #2: He Feels Like You’re Trying To Fix Him If you aren’t getting what you want from a relationship, it’s common to become frustrated and eventually stop communicating in a clear and loving way.This is where things like demands, pleading, and even begging for what “should be” creep in and get in the way.She had been asked by the Rolling Stones to appear in a photo shoot for “Honky Tonk Woman” but refused in consideration of her position as a role model for black women.“I didn’t want to look like I’d just been had by all the Rolling Stones,” she said.Washington (AFP) - President Donald Trump, battling allegations that Russia helped him win the White House, claimed Wednesday that Vladimir Putin actually would have preferred a Hillary Clinton victory.Decrying what he called a political "witch hunt," the president also came to the defense of his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr, after the release of emails showing his namesake's embrace of a Russian offer to provide derogatory information about Clinton during the campaign.

He followed that tweet with a flurry of Twitter missives praising the job and US stock market gains:"JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! The controversy spilled over Wednesday into the Senate confirmation hearing for Trump's nominee to lead the FBI, Christopher Wray, chosen after the president fired FBI director James Comey in May in frustration over the Russia probe.

And do you find that your men either don’t have the emotional skills to handle these situations with you, or they become more distant when you’re at your most intense?

If so…then you likely are with a man who doesn’t have much of an emotional “center” to keep him calm and present with you even when emotions run hot. A mature man needs to be a source of support and masculine stability in your relationship.

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