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When Jackie asked Peter if he had seen the contract, he claimed he had and despite not being a 'legal person', he thought the agreement between parties was clear.'It probably does make it very clear you get an amount up front, which in this case was 0,000 USD, which has gone into escrow, and then it depends on how long you stay in,' Peter explained.'The producers of these shows, they want to keep you keen,' he continued.'We all know everyone pretends it's for charity, but it all is for their own hip pocket.They want to keep you eager to do all those horrible things.'He acknowledged Channel 10 'don't want this amount of money to get out' and stated the rest of this season's cast are getting paid between ,000 to ,000.'They don't want the world to know Tom Arnold was worth 410,000 bucks because it's going to make it harder next year when they go and try and negotiate with other overseas celebrities,' he stated.Arnold is from a blue-collar family of seven kids who was a college drop-out to seek his fortune.

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2013 Welsh Schools 800m Champion, 2013 Welsh Inter-regional 800m Champion, Selected for SIAB U17 International 800m as an U15, 2014 Welsh Indoor Championships - 400m Silver Medallist, 2014 Welsh Outdoor 400m Champion, 2014 Welsh Schools 400m Champion, 2014 SIAB U17 International 400m, 2014 SIAB U17 International 4X400m Relay Silver, 2014 Celtic Games U18 400m Guest Runner (Finishing in Bronze medal position in match race), 2014 Celtic Games U18 4X400m Relay Silver Medallist.Channel 10 clearly believes that's not what the deal was.'Peter went on to describe how the network has paid Tom 'so far an amount of 270,000 USD' and how various figures surrounding the contract are being touted.'Tom Arnold was being paid 0,000 USD to take part in I'm A Celebrity. He went on to claim how the actor could have 'gotten that or more' if he had stayed in America to film a Superbowl TV commercial, as an example, 'for one day's work'.He also said Tom wanted to do I'm A Celebrity, 'because he had been promised, according to insiders, a comedy tour of Australia for mid-year, where he could play reasonable-size venues and clean up.'Now the comedian reportedly believes Channel 10 'completely re-nigged on that', although they allegedly promised to organise the tour for him.'He wants the 0,000, but I think it's also a point of principle, that he feels very, very ripped off by what has happened,' Peter added.They married on 20 January 1990 after he had allegedly kicked his coke habit, romping through their money and "mooning" in public as a lark.They bought a 1,700 acre farm and started construction on a 30-room mansion in Ottumwa, Iowa, the old home town, and opened their own 50-seat diner in near-by Eldon on 13 March 1993, serving 'loose-meat' sandwiches.

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